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Every feature is toggleable. Beta/Experimental features must be manually enabled to use.

Private Server Links section

Store private server links, import, export them, and join them on the same page.

They will also display "Invalid" once the link is invalid.

Block experiences

Hide experiences you never want to see again from search, discover, and home.

You can also add experience keywords to block such as "simulator" or "tycoon".

BETA Accounts manager

Switch between your accounts with ease.

Easily store up to 20 accounts per browser and login to any of them whenever you like. [image outdated]

BETA Discover filters

Filter out experiences on the Discover page that do not match the user's given criteria. Criteria includes: Genre, player count, visit count, favorite count, like ratio. [image outdated]

Better experience badges list

A badges list rebuilt from scratch, with tons of inspiration from a 2022 Hackweek project. Compare your badges with someone else's, or view it as someone else to see when they obtained badges. [image outdated]

BETA Group organization

Organize your groups how you want them using Drag and Drop. Create and customize folders for your groups.

View experience developer products

View the developer products that an experience sells. This could also be used to find out if an experience has microtransactions.

Formatted user/group mentions

Changes @-mentions and links for users and groups to a better look with their headshot or icon.

Refreshed home header

Returns the old home header with a few differences.

Includes toggleable easter eggs.

Chat sorts

Sort your conversations by newest, oldest, or unread for easier chat conversation navigating.

Remove "unnecessary" home sorts

Remove uncommonly used home sorts bloating up your home page.

Quick actions in cards on friends page

Quickly friend, unfriend, follow, force unfollow, and unfollow users.

Force unfollow forces a follower of yours that isn't a friend to unfollow you.

Additional features include:
  • More badge statistics
  • Change time type of tooltips
  • Voice Chat suspension details
  • Force unfollow on user profile page
  • Remove phone number upsell
  • Remove "Friend Activity" label
  • Full not-limited home "Favorites" sort
  • Put home "Favorites" sort at the top
  • "Search More Items By This Creator" button on item pages
  • Hide messages count in navigation bar
  • Refresh avatar item details button
  • Show additional item product info
  • Fast Free item purchasing
  • EXPERIMENTAL 🧪 Marketplace color filters
  • Private experience notes
  • Request Right-to-Erasure file button, with downloading and marking as read
  • Move experience events to it's own tab
  • Avatar type label in experience details page
  • Accurate non-curated "Continue" sort
  • Unlock pin modal prompts in some places if it isn't prompted
  • Hide private server transactions
  • Replace all images with seals
  • Better experience media ALT text tooltip
  • Show user's last online date
  • View an unofficial Community Wiki of an experience
  • Remove the pesky Desktop App banner
  • Show an Experience's Universe ID
  • Filter an experience's passes by owned status and sale status
  • Refreshless drag-and-drop groups and pending groups navigation
  • Sync the site's theme with your browser
  • Cancel outgoing friend requests
  • List the groups you have a pending join request for
  • Disable group wall infinite scroll
  • View icon asset of various item types
  • Enable 3D thumbnail dynamic lighting
  • Hide transactions with 0 Robux amount
  • Disable avatar shop infinite scroll
  • Add group-owned experiences of groups you own to your profile
  • View the user who created a group-owned avatar asset
  • View the user who last updated a group-owned avatar asset
  • View Off Sale items on the Creator Store
  • View a list of all the experiences you're following
  • View bundle(s) that an item is part of
  • Set visibility status of the Models & Packages collection on your profile
... and more quality of life features!