Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 19, 2023

RoSeal does not transfer any personal data.

RoSeal's servers and website are backed by Cloudflare. Cloudflare's privacy policy applies:

RoSeal may locally store some user data in the user's browser, such as sensitive cookies from usage of the "Accounts Manager" feature, and it will never be transferred outside of the user's browser.

Several of RoSeal's functionalities require the user's browser to make an external request to, a RoSeal-owned domain. Data sent and received from contains no personally identifiable information.

Permissions and why we use them

Host permissions


Accessing and modifying data on the Roblox domain and website. This also grants RoSeal access to Roblox APIs on behalf of the user.
Access and storing data in the extension. RoSeal uses it to store feature values and data associated with features.



Access and set cookies stored on the Roblox domain and website. Cookies accessed with this permission by RoSeal will not leave your browser. This permission will only be used if "Accounts Manager" is enabled, and it is explicitly granted.