Support Questions

Yes, everything (up to RoSeal settings) can be disabled in RoSeal settings. If you have RoSeal installed, you can see it here.

Not at the moment. There would only be paywalled features if it costed money to maintain (i.e. with a backend server)

Browser targets at the moment are Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. There are no plans to directly target Safari or Opera in the future. If you wish to install on Opera or other chromium-based browsers then you can install RoSeal from the Chrome webstore.

For chromium-based browsers, you can install alternatives that have support for Chrome extensions. Please note that RoSeal has not been thoroughly tested on them and some features may not function correctly.

Android: Kiwi Browser Download link
iOS: Orion Browser Download link

If you use Firefox on Android, you can just install RoSeal from the Firefox addon store: Download link

You can report bugs in the #roseal-bug-reports forum channel in our Discord server.

You can suggest features in the #roseal-suggestions forum channel in our Discord server.

Yes, but compatibility is not guaranteed. If a RoSeal feature does not work correctly with another extension, try tinkering with the other extension or disable the RoSeal feature.

If it shows a seal, great! You have an updated emoji font. If not and it shows a box, you'll need to install/update your system font. If you're using Windows 10, then you'll need to find and install the Windows 11 font.

Ratelimiting is something that Roblox does if you are refreshing a page or trying to buy an item too much. This is something intentional that Roblox does; if you were fast enough you could get it without RoSeal as well (though you wouldn't see an error, it still happens).
To avoid getting ratelimited, don't spam refresh or buy buttons.
This is NOT a RoSeal issue or something RoSeal can prevent. Please do not submit inquiries or bug reports for it.

Why does the extension need to "read and change all my data on"?
This is the default message you'll get from the browser when an extension needs to be able to see what's on your webpage at all, which, since RoSeal changes your Roblox web pages, it obviously needs to do.
If you are curious about some of RoSeal's permissions around cookies, please read the Privacy Policy for more details.

NO. There is nothing ToS-violating in RoSeal, nor does it provide any means to do so. There is no reason that Roblox would terminate your account for using RoSeal. You are NOT at risk of termination by using the extension.

NO. The Byfron anticheat only affects the Roblox game client, not the website. No website extensions will be affected by the Byfron anticheat.

As of May 2023, we no longer have public beta testing or public beta builds. There is no current way to get beta builds. We will only be using private beta testing for now, which is currently not accepting new users.
If you are looking to use RoSeal, you do not need the beta builds. You should not use the beta builds normally. Being betas, they have many more bugs and are liable to break - they are meant for testing. Please use the live releases!

These are various issues on Roblox's end that RoSeal cannot fix. You can encounter these issues even without RoSeal.
This is NOT a RoSeal issue. Please do not report it as a bug or make support posts about it.

I can't make good UI design.
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