Changelog History

This release contains QoL fixes and a new feature.

  • The ability to add group-owned experiences of groups you own to your profile.
QoL Fixes
  • When using fast free purchase, there is now feedback when the item is being purchased.
  • Error feedbacks from fast free purchase are now more user friendly.

This release contains a fix for the refresh button placement on avatar items.

This release contains a compatibility fix for the new Roblox user profile header.

This release contains bug fixes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bugs with the new private server links in the Private Server Links section
  • Fixed Account Manager's "Remove Account" logging out the authenticated user

This release contains a new feature, adds QoL fixes, and bug fixes.

  • Support for new Private server links for "Private Server Links" feature
  • Force wallet amount to only show in the Robux dropdown
QoL Fixes
  • Bundle subcategories are now supported in "Search Items by Creator"
  • Improved changing Created and Updates time with the "Change time type" feature
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some non-deleteable asset types showing "Delete from Inventory"
  • Fixed CSS styles not being disabled when a feature is disabled
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This release removes a feature and contains a minor bug fix.

  • Removed "Better Robux Navigation", this fixes a bug with RoSeal hiding the new Robux menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed developer product page loading indefinitely on invalid developer product IDs.

This release contains minor bug fixes.

This feature contains a new feature.

  • You can now switch RoSeal's language in the extension popup from the extension toolbar.

This release contains bug fixes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed challenge HTTP 403 errors still appearing with fast free purchase
  • Fixed popup/options not appearing correctly

This release contains a few new features, bug fixes, QoL fixes, and new translations.

  • RoSeal has been translated into Russian thanks to Flaryanlxrd.
  • Add the Roblox Machine ID to error pages
  • Force "unnecessary" home sorts into a Genre explorer
  • Re-enabled "Put home 'Favorites' sort at top" and made it disabled by default.
  • Added "Device Type" (Firefox only) and "Ages" filters to Discover filters
QoL Fixes
  • Discover filters section is no longer an eye sore.
  • Tab name is now updated when switching between groups with "Refreshless Group Navigation" enabled
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed home header styling affecting RoGold Ultimate's home header.
  • Fixed "Refreshless Group Navigation" updating incorrectly when navigating through group experiences with BTRoblox
  • Fixed freezing on the users friends page when "Show username in user's friends page title" is enabled
  • Fixed fast free purchase's error handling to handle any type of challenge, Captchas are not bypassed.
    • Most of the time, Captcha challenges requiring user input aren't required until you hit a certain threshold of purchase attempts within a specific amount of time. RoSeal does not control this.
    • Purchase attempts by Roblox still display an error with "Challenge is required to authorize this request", however, the Captcha should still be handled regardless, even if user input isn't required. This will be fixed in the next release, 1.3.4.

This release contains a fix for a bug with importing private server links.

This release contains many new features, bug fixes, QoL fixes, new translations, and other changes.

  • Private Server links section
    • You can add, import, export, and join them on the same page.
    • BETA (firefox only): Try to automatically resolve the private server link owner
  • "Avatar Restricted" text above the Join button can now be disabled with its own feature switch.
  • More badge statistics on badge page
  • Choose the types of names that appear on the home header
  • "Refreshless Group Navigation" is now stabilized and enabled by default.
  • Change the time type of tooltips
  • Voice Chat suspension details as a modal and showing the full date of suspension in the Roblox privacy settings
  • "Force Unfollow" is now on user profile pages
  • Remove phone number upsell
  • Remove "Friend Activity" label on experiences
  • Full "Favorites" home sort
    • Usually, the Favorites home sort is limited to 50 experiences.
  • "Search More By This Creator" button
  • Hide messages count in navigation bar
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Groups Organization groups list loading indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where if a mentioned user using link mentions does not exist the text will be removed
  • Fixed alerts and experience wikis not working correctly on Firefox
  • Fixed RoPro incompatibility with the home header
  • Fixed RoSeal popovers still clickable after fading out
  • Fixed user's friends page title not correctly updating
  • Fixed Group Organization groups list not updating after leaving/joining a group
  • Fixed accurate continue sort not getting user blocked experience information
QoL Fixes
  • "Avatar Restricted" label now shows more details on hover.
  • New options page, it will be opened when required, i.e. missing permissions or requesting permissions.
  • Added some more website styling fixes
  • "Avatar Type" in experience statistics will now stay on the same row on medium+ devices.
  • The amount of inactive badges will now be displayed in the Experience Badges section
  • Badges, Developer Products, and Experience Private Notes will now "linkify" links, and format @-mentions, user, and group links with Item Mentions enabled
  • Extension popup themes/sync themes feature will now update the theme real-time
  • Chat conversations now show up on custom RoSeal pages
  • Rewrote RoSeal settings feature switches tabs, they will now show under the parent tab at all times instead of to the right when hovering over the parent tab
  • Features can now be marked as discontinued if Roblox ever implements a feature natively.
  • New flags system for disabling/enabling certain functionalities, similar to disabled features but not as critical to get.

This release contains higher resolution icons.

This release contains a bug fix and the return of a feature.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed duplicate Updated/Created/Collectible Item ID/Collectible Item Product ID fields on avatar items
  • Brought back "Accurate non-curated Continue sort"

This release contains quality of life fixes, a feature removal, and new translations.

  • RoSeal has been translated to French and Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to these pull requests for French and Brazilian Portuguese). RoSeal has an open crowd-sourced internationalization Github repository that anyone can contribute to: Link
Removed Features
  • Removed "Accurate non-curated Continue sort" temporarily, this will be brought back in a future release
QoL Fixes
  • Made fast free purchase system feedbacks more clear
  • It is now possible to revoke the optional Cookies permission

This release contains bug fixes, quality of life fixes, a feature removal, and new translations.

  • RoSeal has been translated to Spanish (thanks to Furrycality). RoSeal has an open crowd-sourced internationalization Github repository that anyone can contribute to: Link
QoL Fixes
  • Added system feedback for ratelimiting and purchasing errors to fast free purchase
  • Made fast free purchase a bit more stable
Removed Features
  • Removed "Update account country"
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed freezing a developer product's page when the name contained 2 or more spaces
  • Fixed duplicate "Delete from Inventory" on item pages
  • Fixed chat sort types not working correctly
  • Fixed BTRoblox incompatibility
  • Fixed previous group names not updating when switching groups with refreshless group navigation

This release contains a bug fix for Group Organization.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed drag and drop in Group Organization

This release contains new features, and bug fixes.

  • Fast Free item purchasing
  • Refresh avatar item details button
  • Show additional item product info
  • EXPERIMENTAL Marketplace color filters
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "Delete from Inventory" appearing on collectible (Limited U) items
  • Fixed events tab showing "No events available." despite there being events
  • Fixed cases where presence registration with display as offline on website continues
  • Fixed created/updated fields not appearing on Roblox-created passes

This release contains a new feature, and bug fixes.

  • RoSeal alerts system for Privacy policy updates and regular alerts from Alerts will not be made unless necessary.
  • (Beta) Refreshless drag-and-drop groups and pending groups navigation
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed feature toggles not updating correctly
  • Fixed unlock PIN prompt showing at incorrect times on profile

This release contains new features, feature stability, and bug fixes.

  • Various styling fixes, this was previously forced without a feature switch for it
  • Experience wikis are now dynamically imported from
  • Accurate "Continue" home page sort
  • Move experience events to it's own tab
  • "Discover filters" moved from Experimental to Beta
  • "Item mentions" stabilized
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Created/Updated fields on marketplace items
  • Fixed experience private notes showing even if its disabled in RoSeal settings

This release contains new features, feature stability, and bug fixes.

  • Re-enabled "Delete from Inventory" with adjustments
  • "Better experience badges" and "Block experiences" are now marked as stable
  • Ability to disable RoSeal settings in settings dropdown
  • Home header birthday message confetti is now rate limited
  • Added 11 new home page messages
  • Reworked RoSeal's popup internally
  • Group organization folders now persist their open state
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed incompatibility with BTRoblox with private notes on experiences
  • Fixed incompatibility with RoPro with discover filters
  • Fixed item mentions user/group tab links
  • Fixed disabled features behavior
  • Fixed RoSeal's popover/dropdown menus closing animations

This release contains new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

  • EXPERIMENTAL experience filtering on discover page
  • Private experience notes
  • Request Right-to-Erasure file button, with downloading and marking as read
  • Warning in account settings to update your set country
  • Avatar type label in experience details page
  • Unlock pin modal prompts in some places if it doesn't exist
  • Hide private server transactions Additionally, this new feature and 0 Robux transactions is now applied to Group Sales
  • Rename users friends title to include the target username
Removed Features
  • Rename Events to Sponsored Events
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed user friends context menu
  • RoSeal now treats experience deeplink pages (/games/start) as regular experience pages
Performance Improvements
  • Sped up RoSeal settings render
  • Feature switches now list required permissions in a separate list from the description
  • Features can now be disabled globally from a remote file if necessary
  • Internationalization (strings) are now open-source, click here to see the repository

This release contains bug fixes. If you use Edge or Opera, this release is for you, and you should update immediately.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug breaking the Avatar Shop/Avatar item pages if Accounts Manager is enabled on Edge and Opera
  • Fixed "Add Pass" not showing in experience passes section if you're the creator of the experience
  • Fixed contrast of the ALT text, View Thumbnail Asset tooltips on the experience details page on light theme
  • Fixed Developer product 404 page not being styled correctly

This release contains small new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Experience badges sorts and filters
  • Better experience media ALT text tooltip
  • Show user's last online in the stats box
  • Hide friend requests count in navigation
  • Change the default tab that the Friends navigation item takes you to
  • Seals. Seals. Seals. Replace all images with seals
Performance Improvements
  • Thumbnails from RoSeal features now take a lot less longer to load
  • Home user header now loads almost instantly
UX Improvements
  • Direct user lookup in passes and badges "View as" by pressing "Enter" to bypass filtering
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed experience badges localization
  • Fixed user header birthday message not working

This release contains new features, UX improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Better experience badges list
  • Group organization customization
  • "Hello, {displayName}" greeting for home header
  • Viewing developer products in experience store stabilized
  • Fixed an issue where the last page in group wall pagination didn't actually prevent the user from going further
  • Fixed unowned/owned filters not immediately updating in experience store Passes section
  • Fixed chat sort filter not being applied to conversations when they are updated
  • Changed "Logout" to "Remove", "Clear Current Cookie" to "Logout" in Accounts Manager
UX Improvements
  • Changed plain user id textbox to username textbox with search dropdown in experience store Passes section "View as user"
  • Added dark mode support in extension popup
  • Added import/export settings in extension popup
  • Reworked pending group join requests UI

  • Added abiility to toggle easter eggs for the refreshed home header feature
  • Fixed Accounts manager displaying wrong message when the user is logged in with no accounts
  • Fixed "View Media Asset" showing on video media in carousel with the view icon asset feature.
  • Made the descriptions and names of some features more clear

It's finally the day, RoSeal's release.

This release contains, well, basically everything the extension has.
The development of the extension took ~6 months to complete, I hope you are more disappointed than I am in its final product.

See more information on the home page.

Mizore is actually the name of a young seal in the Osaka Aquarium in Japan. You can learn some more about him in this article.
Each major version of RoSeal takes on the name of a real seal.